Product Description


General features

• Digital control panel

• Instant display of tank and boiler water temperatures

• AISI 304 stainless steel body

• 5 different washing programs, adjustable to 60-90-120-180- 240 seconds

• 1 dishwashing basket with 2,4 liters water consumption

• Long-lasting, glass reinforced plastic parts

• EPDM rubber hose substance conforming to Food Codex Standards

• Effective washing results with a specially-designed washing and rinsing arms structure

• Standard drain pump

• Thanks to a specially-designed card technology, the rinsing process does not start before the boiler water temperature reaches 85 ° C. This guarantees hygienic rinsing according to HACCP standards

• Automatic pause and resume feature when opening or closing the door

• 4,5 kW boiler heating element, 1,8 kW tank heating element

You can do the following with this machine;
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