Product Description


The thickness adjustment lever is moved to the rightmost position (the rollers are fully open).

Prepared dough is put on the tape. It is sprinkled with starch or flour.

Start button is pressed.

The tape runs to the right with the help of the right-left arm. When the belt is pulled to the right, the tape turns to the right. If the tape is drawn, the tape turns to the left.

After the dough passes through the rolls, starch or flour is sprinkled on it.

The thickness adjustment lever is pulled to the left until the dough is sufficiently thin. The thickness settings are automatically adjusted on the scale. When the lever is pulled, the latch will automatically fall when the next setting is reached.

Dough Sheeters DHM 60

General features

* Fast and quality dough spreading for all kind of doughs
* Hard chrome covered roller drive with scrapers
* Variable speed system for conveyor belts
* Adjustable dough thickness in the range of 0,8 mm-20 mm
* Entrance conveyor belt moves slowly when exit conveyor belt moves fast
* Safety switch available on protective covers
* Stainless steel food contact parts for hygiene
* The DHM series are designed to meet EU safety directives and are fully CE approved

* Different Voltages ( Additional Charge)
* Different Apparatus ( Additional Charge)

Model : DHM 60
Measurements : 280 X 108 X 115
Power : 0,75 kW
Voltage : 380 V/3P/50Hz
Roll Length : 600 mm
Roll Diameter : 85 mm
Conveyor Belt Width : 600 mm
Conveyor Belt Length : 1350 mm
Weight : 340 KG
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