Product Description

DILA is the ingeniously simple in-store baking system with a modular layout. depending on the capacity and assortment of baked goods, the DILA can be configured to match your individual requirements – from the final baking to the professiona lbaking system. In addition to that, there is a variety of equipment options available, such as a loading system with easy-to-operate TOUCH control and the fully automated e.CLEAN SYSTEM® cleaning system. Moreover, you can choose between radialor high-performance steam injection. The FilialNet oven connection software can also be integrated if required. This software makes it possible to control all the connected ovens centrally and maintain them remotely. The whole baking process is documented and straightforward to analyse. This gives you all baking processes at a glance – at any time, from anywhere!

DEBAG Convection Ovens Dila Series In-store Baking Oven // Convection Oven

General features

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