Product Description

DTM Series Churros Sweet Machines are easy and fast to use with their aesthetic design and compact body. You can get the products you want with the system that works automatically in the field you require.

Churros Machines DTM 64

General features

* Complete Chrome Body And Apparatus Appropriate Food Standards
* Double Tank
* Operating Options With Electricity Or LPG
* Easy To Clean With Removable Tank
* Easy Installation And Operation
* It Can Be Produced In Different Sizes And Thickness With Adjustable Speed Option And Different Appa-ratus Options
* Stainless Steel Pans And Frame
* Adjustable Dough Outlet Speed
* Adjustable Dough Cutting Speed
* DTM 64 Serie Churros Machines Are Designed To Meet EU Safety Directives and Are Fully CE Approved

* Different Voltages ( Additional Charge)
* Different Apparatus ( Additional Charge)
* Frying System With Electricity Or LPG

Model : DTM 64
Dimensions : 75 x 135 x 85
Engine (KW) : 0,18 kW
Voltage : 220 V
Dough : 7 KG
Mini Donut Capacity - 50mm - 25gr : 50 Ad./dk.
The Round Shape Capacity - 20mm - 6gr : 200 Ad./dk.
Weight : 55 KG
You can do the following with this machine;
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