Product Description

As in all other series of planetary mixers, the IBT 12 serie is an ideal machine for professional use with powerful engine and expertise in completely homogeneous mixing. It is one of the most preferred products by the users who wants to obtain the perfect mixtures with ease of tabletop and optional speed levels. IBT 12-VE appears with variable speeds, electronic, stainless steel frame, and 220 V.

Planetary Mixers IBT 12-VE

General features

* IBT Series Planetary Mixers Provide Very Intensive, Quick, Homogeneous and Dead Spot Free Mixing
* It Is Possible To Make Excellent Mixtures With Three Different Apparatus
* Whisk, Beater, Hook Are Standard Apparatus
* Variable Speed Or Three Speeds (With Speed Control)
* Ergonomic Control Panel
* Stainless Steel Frame (AISI 304)
* Stainless Steel Bowl (AISI 304)
* Emergency Stop and Timer
* Silent Operation
* Stainless Steel Protection Grille
* The IBT Series Planetary Mixers Are Designed To Meet EU Safety Directives and Are Fully CE Approved
* Food Contact Parts Are Made Of Stainless Steel For Hygiene and Health.
* Products Are Lubricated With Lifetime Food Codex Oils
* Wide Options Range

• Different Voltage Option
• Different Apparatus Options
• Different Bowl Covers

Model : IBT 12-VE
Bowl Volume : 10 L
Cake mix (kg) : 3 KG
Cream : 5,5 L
Chocolate : 15 doz
Pudding (kg) : 4,5 KG
Mayonnaise : 4,2 L
Fat and sugar (kg) : 3,6 KG
Engine : 260 mm
Dimensions (CM) : 60 x 65 x 75
Weight : 70 KG
Engine (KW) : 0,55 kW
Electricity Properties : 220V/1P/50 Hz
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