Product Description

Dirmak IBT 300-DC Series planetary mixers are manufactured properly for industrial manufacturing plants. Perfect homogeneous mixture is obtainable in a short time with double mixing apparatus and scraper running simultaneously in 300 lt bowl. Thanks to the bowl cover and gasket, foreign matters can not enter into the product during mixing and the product can not leak out. Additionally, thanks to the cover and gasket, compressed air is supplied to the products to increase the volume. The bowl can hold 0.2 bar pressure inside. Easy to use with 12 "Color Touch Control panel. It can be programmed as desired thanks to the receipt system and the machine runs fully automatically. CIP (Cleaning in Place) System can be self-clean at the end of operation or transition of the product. Thanks to the  bowl jacket system, interior temperature of the bowl can be adjusted from 5⁰ C to 80⁰ C.

Planetary Mixers IBT 300-DC CR

General features

* Planetary rotation provides very intensively, fast, homogeneous, smooth and dead spotless mixing

* Powerful mixing with high speeds

* Capability of decreasing density of product to 0,4 kg/m³

* Easy to use 12" Colorful PLC Touch Screen Panel

* AISI 304 Stainless steel bridge type body

* Leakproof cap for the bowl

* CIP (Self Cleaning) System

* Silent and vibration free operation

* REcipe System

* Bowl Heating & Cooling

* Capability of keeping the bowl pressure up to 0,6 bar


• Different Voltage Option

• Different Apparatus Options

• Different Bowl Covers

• Bowl Heaters

• Bowl Holders

• Bowl Discharge Systems

Model : IBT 300 DC CR
Bowl Volume : 300 L
Cake mix (kg) : 180 KG
Cream : 65 L
Chocolate : 420 doz
Pudding (kg) : 140 KG
Mayonnaise : 100 L
Fat and sugar (kg) : 120 KG
Diameter Gains : 780 mm
Dimensions (CM) : 160 x 180 x 330
Weight : 3200kg
Engine (KW) : 15,0 + 4,0 kW
Electricity Properties : 380V/3P/50Hz
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