Product Description

With 30 liters of bowl, IBT 32 series are one of the most preferred products among  our machines. IBT 32 Series,  come up with 2 different options as regular 32 and 32-VE serie. In addition to regular model of IBT, IBT 32-VE produce %10 more efficiency compare to the regular model of IBT under favor of variable speeds , electronic and 220V . Offered for professional use IBT 32 series are masters of preparation of creams, special sauce, cakes and pizzas.

Planetary Mixers IBT 32-VE

General features

* IBT Series Planetary Mixers Provide Very Intensive, Quick, Homogeneous and Dead Spot Free Mixing

* It Is Possible To Make Excellent Mixtures With Three Different Apparatus

* Whisk, Spatula, Hook Are Standart Apparatus

* Variable Speed Or Three Speeds (With Speed Control)

* Ergonomic Control Panel

* Corrosion Resistant Oven Painting

* Stainless Steel Bowl (AISI 304)

* Emergency Stop and Timer

* Silent Operation

* Stainless Steel Protection Grille

* The IBT Series Planetary Mixers Are Designed To Meet EU Safety Directives and Are Fully CE Approved

* Food Contact Parts Are Made Of Stainless Steel For Hygiene and Health.

* Products Are Lubricated With Lifetime Food Codex Oils

* Wide Options Range


• Different Color Option

• Different Voltage Option

• Chrome Frame

• Different Apparatus Options

• Different Bowl Covers

• Bowl Heaters

• Bowl Holders

• Wheeled Bowl

• Bowl Discharge Systems

• Bowl Scrapers

Model : IBT 32-VE
Bowl Volume : 30 L
Cake mix (kg) : 9,1 KG
Cream : 17 L
Chocolate : 35 doz
Pudding (kg) : 13,5 KG
Mayonnaise : 13,6 L
Fat and sugar (kg) : 11 KG
Engine : 360 mm
Dimensions (CM) : 77 x 60 x 120
Weight : 200 KG
Engine (KW) : 1,5 kW
Electricity Properties : 220V/1P/50HZ
Body : Powder Coating Paint
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