Product Description

With powerful engine and 60 liter bowl, IBT 64 Serie is one of the most preferred machines among IBT  series. It has been seen that in IBT 64 series, 2 different  machines are manufactured and offered to professional users. Shaft bearings are closed type as well as in all other IBT series and they are lifelong greased which meand no more grasing struggle anymore. Thanks to the given attention to hygiene and human health by our company, in this machine, food codex appropriate equipments are used. IBT 64 VE CR offers options to users being not only variable speeds and 220V but also electronic sections.

Planetary Mixers IBT 64-VE CR

General features

* IBT Series Planetary Mixers Provide Very Intensive, Quick, Homogeneous and Dead Spot Free Mixing

* It Is Possible To Make Excellent Mixtures With Three Different Apparatus

* Whisk, Spatula, Hook Are Standart Apparatus

* Variable Speed Or Three Speeds (With Speed Control)

* Ergonomic Control Panel

* Corrosion Resistant Oven Painting

* Stainless Steel Bowl (AISI 304)

* Emergency Stop and Timer

* Silent Operation

* Stainless Steel Protection Grille

* The IBT Series Planetary Mixers Are Designed To Meet EU Safety Directives and Are Fully CE Approved

* Food Contact Parts Are Made Of Stainless Steel For Hygiene and Health.

* Products Are Lubricated With Lifetime Food Codex Oils

* Wide Options Range


• Different Color Option

• Different Voltage Option

• Chrome Frame

• Different Apparatus Options

• Different Bowl Covers

• Bowl Heaters

• Bowl Holders

• Wheeled Bowl

• Bowl Discharge Systems

• Bowl Scrapers

Model : IBT 64-VE CR
Bowl Volume : 60 L
Cake mix (kg) : 25 KG
Cream : 12 L
Egg Whites : 2,55 L
Chocolate : 85 doz
Pudding (kg) : 27 KG
Mayonnaise : 18LL
Fat and sugar (kg) : 24 KG
Engine : 430MM
Dimensions (CM) : 85 x 70 x 150
Weight : 250 KG
Engine (KW) : 3,0 kw
Electricity Properties : 220V/1P/50HZ
You can do the following with this machine;
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