Product Description

Suitable for professional use, IEK 500 Bread Slicer is compatible with Trabzon bread.

The advantages
• Compact
• Durable Blades
• Modern Design
• Easy to Operate
• Easy to Move

Bread Slicing Machines IEK 500EB

General features

* IEK Series Bread Slicing Machines are designed for pastry, restaurants and supermarkets.
* Knife ranges can be adjusted depending on the size of 10 mm den 20 mm.
* IEK Series Bread Slicing Machines work with high performance on many types of bread.
* Works with high efficiency.
* Food contact parts are manufactured from Stainless steel to protect human health.
* Work is easy.
* Silent operation.
* Covered with Epoxy paint for durability
* IEK Series Bread Slicers are designed according to the EU Safety Directive and are CE approved.

 Different Colors (Additional Charge)
 Different Voltages ( Additional Charge)
 Different Slice Thickness
 Chrome Frame ( Additional Charge)

Model : IEK 500EB
Max. Width of Brad : 500 mm
Slice Thickness : 12-14-15-17-18-20 mm
Max. Height of Brad : 160 mm
Engine (KW) : 0,75 kW
Electricity Properties : 380 V/3P/50Hz
Dimensions (CM) : 80x90x130
Weight : 300 KG
Body : Powder Coating Paint
You can do the following with this machine;
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