Product Description

Dirmak Machinery ISM Series appeal many sectors to cater with a wide range of products from 10 litre up to 350 litre. Our machines provide to knead very short time thanks to excellant bowl and spiral apparatus design. Spiral mixer yields very quick preperation without warming and tiring products such as dough, mincemeat, cigkofte etc. ISM Series give power to your business with quite and smooth operation, durable and long-lasting.

Spiral Mixers ISM 35-VE CR

General features

* Mixing the small quantities of dough
* Silent operation
* Isolation of vibration
* Epoxy painted body
* 2 speeds or variable speeds
* 380 V, 3 Phase 50 Hz on standard models
* High effectiveness
* Stainless steel food contact parts for hygiene
* High options in range
* Easy to operate
* No additional heat extraction while mixing
* The ISM series Spiral Mixers are designed to meet EU safety directives and are fully CE ap-

• Different Color Option
• Different Voltage Option
• Different Apparatus Options
• Different Bowl Covers

The advantages
* Compact
* 2 mixing speeds
* Reduced mixing times
* Regular mixing
* Improved dough oxygenation
* Low temperature rise of the dough
* Allows to mix small quantities of dough

Model : ISM 35-VE CR
Bowl Volume : 35 L
Engine : 430 mm
Electricity Properties : 220V/1P/50HZ
Dimensions (CM) : 95x55x115
Engine (KW) : 0,75 kW
Weight : 135 KG
Fame : 15 KG
Additional Amount : 8 KG
Bread Dough : 23 KG
Pizza Dough (kg) : 15 KG
Piecrust (kg) : 8,2 KG
Meat : 25 KG
You can do the following with this machine;
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