Planetary Mixer IBT 300-VEL

  • • IBT Series planetary mixers provide very intensive, quick,
    homogeneous and dead spot free mixing . Professional
    beater mixer that provides all the basic mixer functions;
    kneading of all sort of pastes, mixing of semi-liquid products,
    emilsions and various sauces.
    • Dirmak accessories are designed for long-term usage under
    heavy duty conditions. Mixer is equipped with spiral hook,
    paddle, wire whisk and mixing bowl for 300 l.
    • Electronic speed variator.
    • Leakproof bowl cover causes more efficient mixing results.
    • 10”Touch screen control panel.
    • Optionally recipe system.
    • Scraper equipped.
    • Discharge valve for bowls.
    • Maximum capacity (Flour, with %60 hydration) 90 kg,
    suitable for 900-3000 meals per service.
    • Raising and lowering of the bowl controlled by lifting system
    with an automatic locking of the bowl when in the raised
    • Lifting system with motor.
    • Bowl with wheels.
    • Safety device will automatically stop the machine when the
    bowl is lowered.
    • Stainless steel bowl guard prevents operation when front
    portion of guard is out of position.

Floor model, suitable for all kneading, mixing and whipping op-
erations. Body painted with corrosion resistant electrostatically
paint or AISI 304 stainless steel option. Equipped with 300 l ca-
pacity stainless steel AISI 304 bowl. Powerful asynchronous mo-
tor with electronical speed variator. Water protected planetary
system. Stainless steel bowl guard. Water proof 10” touchscreen
control panel. Bowl position device allows the mixer to switch
on only when the bowl and safety cover are properly positioned

• Body painted with corrosion resistant electrostatical paint
• AISI 304 Stainless steel bowl 300 l capacity.
• Asynchronous motor with high start-up torque.
• Water protected planetary system (IP54 electrical controls,
IP 32 overall machine)
• Power : 15,0 + 1.1 kW
• Planetary movement based on belt driven oil-less planetary


With the 300 liter capacity, it is possible to get the mixture from this machine as if  3 mixers operated at the same time. For this reason, we advise it to professional users as the ideal machine for themselves.  IBT 300 VEL  is the machine that we diligently designed and produced. This machine has a large bowl capacity 140 liters, so perfect homogeneous mixtures are obtainable. IBT 300, while provides ease of loading with lift bowl, on the other hand also makes it possible to gain time with a fully automatic control unit. It is the only machine on the market that enables you to get many perfect mixtures from dough to cream, sauce to mashed potato.

Electric Capacity Key Information

Supply Voltage :

IBT 300-VEL 380-415 V/3P/50-60hZ

Electrical Power Max. :

IBT 300-VEL 15,0 + 1.1 kW

Performance (Up to) :  90 Kg / Cycle

Capacity : 300 litre

Width (A) : 1650 mm

Height (B) : 2350 mm

Depth (C) : 1800 mm

Shipping Weight : 2400 Kg

Cold Water Paste :

90 Kg with Spiral Hook

Egg Whites : 600 pcs with Whisk

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