Spiral Mixers ISM 35-VE

  • • Dirmak equipments are designed for long-term usage under
    heavy duty conditions. Mixer is equipped with Stainless steel
    food contact parts for hygiene and mixing bowl for 35 l.
    • Waterproof button control panel with 60 minute timer .
    • Two Speed or Electronic Speed variator.
    • Strong chain-belt system
    • Silent operation
    • Maximum capacity (Flour, with %60 hydration) 22 kg for
    bread dough.
    • Safety cover in stainless steel
    • Safety device will automatically stop the machine when the
    cover opens.
    • Optionally wheels for machine

ISM Series spiral mixers provide very intensive, quick,
homogeneous and dead spot free mixing . Spiral mixer yields very
quick preparation without warming and tiring products such as
dough, mincemeat, etc. The dough will result soft, well aired and
easy to remove. AISI 304 stainless steel bowl, AISI 304 stainless
steel spiral tool and breaking bar provides excellent mixing

• Body painted with corrosion resistant electrostatical paint or
AISI 304 Stainless steel option.
• AISI 304 Stainless steel bowl—35 l capacity.
• Asynchronous motor with high start-up torque.
• Water protected spiral system (IP54 electrical controls, IP 32
overall machine)
• Power : 0,6-0,9 kW for ISM 35-32
1,5 kW for ISM 35-VE


Dirmak Machinery ISM Series appeal many sectors to cater to a wide range of products from 10 litres up to 350 litres. Our machines provide to knead very short time thanks to an excellent bowl and spiral apparatus design. Spiral mixer yields very quick preparation without warming and tiring products such as dough, mincemeat, etc. ISM Series give power to your business with quiet and smooth operation, durable and long-lasting.

The advantages
* Compact
* Variable speed mixing
* Reduced mixing times
* Regular mixing
* Improved dough oxygenation
* Low-temperature rise of the dough
* Allows mixing small quantities of dough

Electric Capacity Key Information

Supply Voltage :

ISM 35-32 380-415 V/3P/50-60hZ

ISM 35-VE 220 V/1P/50hZ

Electrical Power Max. :

ISM 35-32 0,6-0,9 kW

ISM 35-VE 1,5 kW

Flour : 15 Kg / Cycle

Dough : 22 Kg / Cycle

Capacity : 35 liters

Bowl Diameter: 430 mm

Depth (A) : 950 mm

Width (B) : 480 mm

Height (C) : 1000 mm

Shipping Weight : 140 Kg

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